today i had to get up early after going to bed far too late, and then i was running really close on time so i left the house without breakfast. i made a chai before i left, though, and brought it with me. i also threw some random things in a bag. so by 9.30am or so, i had gotten a good start on my chai, and i had eaten a peanut butter cookie luna bar. but then for the rest of the day all i supplemented with was the other half of yesterday’s tropical source chocolate bar, a silk strawberry banana yogurt, and a banana. oh, and at about 8pm i thought i was going to eat my own arm, so i snarfed a few handfuls of dry roasted edamame. i am totally starving to death right now. on the upside: last night i was at our local teensy co-op and they had nutritional yeast! i see mac & cheese on my horizon. maybe tomorrow night.

in other news, right now i’m at school using my mac!book!pro! and i launched iTunes only to find that there is some magical thing that allows me to see (and listen to?!) other people’s iTunes libraries. i have no earthly idea how this is working, but i am totally stoked because right now i’m listening to some sweet joshua radin (a few songs i don’t have and hadn’t heard before), all thanks to a random dude named adam somewhere in my vicinity. thank you adam!


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  1. Thanks for the comment regarding soy yogurt on my blog. I answered over there.
    I’m listening to music in a cafe right now. I may have to put in ear buds soon. 🙂

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