sneaky nicety

this morning i (along with three other people) got an email from a woman we just offered a job to, saying that she’s coming into town for a visit so she can check out the city some more and all that good stuff. she wanted to know if the group of us might be able to get together for a meal while she was in town, and the subject line of her message was, “burgers anyone?”

i had a really busy day so i didn’t respond right away, deciding that one or more of the other three people could take that ball and run with it, and i’d figure myself out as the situation developed. we have a few places around here that are known for their burgers, but as you can imagine i wasn’t at all interested in going to any of them. anyway, like i said, i was busy today so i procrastinated.

imagine my delight when i learned this evening that two of the other people suggested to her that we should try going out for mexican instead, on accounta my being all vegan and whatnot. yay! it was brought up in a very thoughtful but still casual way, and honestly from someone who (it seems) goes out of his way to provoke me about my veganism sometimes. i was so, i don’t know… proud? kind of touched? by the gesture. i didn’t know he had it in him. awww.

so hooray, we’re going out to a great restaurant with several vegan options that we all like quite a bit. no burgers, no having to get out of it, no playing the weirdo. thank you, friend who usually aggravates me!



  1. That’s great that your coworkers thought of you in that circumstance. My coworkers at my last job were pretty good, and even came with me to a favorite vegetarian restaurant of mine for lunch.

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