dealing dogs

after it sat on my FiVo for two years and one month, i finally watched dealing dogs the other day. it’s an HBO documentary that focuses on class B dealers, who buy and sell dogs for medical research. there is a fair bit of shady goings-on and a metric assload of really sad stories if you start reading up on it, and because of that i put off watching the film. also, i was hoping to watch it with my husband, but after 2+ years i gave up and decided to stop waiting. i was home the other day with a cat on my lap (otherwise known in this house as “trapped on the couch”), so i sucked it up and pressed play.

i really liked it. the documentary focuses on one specific kennel and an undercover agent from last chance for animals, and it takes place over the course of about a year. there is a lot of heartbreaking footage, but it brings to light a lot of stuff that the general public doesn’t know (but really really should!), and there’s a happy ending. i highly recommend it. in fact i’m keeping it on my FiVo in the hopes that my husband will watch it anyway. 😉



  1. I heard a podcast about it going on two years ago now, and it was heartbreaking. I have Dealing Dogs, but I haven’t been able to watch it. I didn’t know there was a happy ending though! Maybe I’ll get myself to watch it one of these days. Just from what I know after listening to the podcast, though, I’d definitely say that it is the kind of information we should all know.
    Related to that, I know that in Denver the activist groups were able to get the shelters to stop selling dogs to the class b dealers. That’s something we can all work on in our areas, if our local shelters haven’t already halted those sales.

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