my office door

you may remember my office door from a couple of months ago, when i found it mildly vandalized. the truth is, i never did decide on what to put up in place of the “i am not a nugget” sign, although i was still thinking about it relatively frequently.

welp, my project just got bigger because today i arrived to find my office door completely bare. you see, over spring break, the powers that be had all of our office doors refinished, and as such, our signage was all removed. i knew this was coming, and i meant to take everything down myself, but the few days before spring break ended up all wonky, and i wasn’t at school as much as i wanted to be, and then i totally forgot. so, they removed the signs for me and put them in my office. for the most part, they are unscathed, although my CoK poster was torn. boo. i also have two things that ended up taped to each other (back-to-back, though, so hopefully no damage when all is said and done).

instead of being bummed, i’m going to look at this as an opportunity to start fresh and decide how i want my door to look all over again. some of those things are old favorites that i’ll likely keep, but maybe starting from scratch will help me find different inspiration. i know it’s not much, just my silly office door, but lots of different people see it day in and day out, and if it makes even a few people think twice about who they’re eating, i’m happy.


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