about to burst

i ate WAY too much today. well actually, maybe i didn’t eat too much; i just ate too much in too short a time period. yes, i think it’s that one. i had a brunch date (pancakes!) scheduled for 11am today, but the place was busy so we didn’t get seated until closer to 11.30am and probably didn’t eat until almost 12noon. i think. i’m guessing. anyhow, i had two ginormous delicious pancakes, along with “a bite” (but really she gave me a huge piece that was more like four fantastic bites) of the vegan breakfast burrito. by the time we were done eating and chatting, we noticed that we had an hour before the cupcake competition, so we decided to go for a walk in order to digest our food and build our appetite for dessert.

when we got to the cupcake competition it was chaos (alliteration! actually, if you’re into alliteration, the true name of it was: cream city collectives crazy cupcake competition), people and cupcakes everywhere. we shopped around to figure out what we had as far as vegan options, and then went to the kitchen to get a plate. we decided to buy four cupcakes and share them all, so we’d really only be eating the equivalent of two cupcakes, but with the benefit of trying four. genius, right? there were lots of yummy-sounding choices, but in the end we selected the fauxstess, the chai, the vegan goddess, and the neapolitan. we headed outside to find somewhere to sit down, and proceeded to gorge ourselves on cupcakery.

after THAT was over, if you can believe it, i attempted to bop across the street to get a berry smoothie. alas, my plan was thwarted when we learned that the power on that entire block had gone down shortly before we wandered in. boo! truth be told, i probably did my stomach a favor by not piling a smoothie on top of the Day of (pan/cup)Cakes.

when i got home a little after 3pm, i remembered that i had a “buy one, get one” coupon for noodles & co. that expired today. yikes! i called my husband to remind him, and we made tentative plans to eat there later. because we usually eat dinner around 11pm, we decided to call it “lupper” and aim for something like 5pm. so, yes, at 5pm we went to noodles & co. and i managed to pack away a pasta fresca (hold the cheese, sub broccoli for tomato, add tofu please) and a ginormous glass of water. needless to say, when all was said and done, i felt like a blimp. i had to watch myself around sharp objects. blerg.

it’s nearly 6 hours later and i’m STILL full. there will be no dinner for me. of course, i’m a teensy weensy bit afraid that i might be coming down with The Husband’s Strep, so i’m all hyper-vigilant about my throat right now. i did a glass of emergen-c a few hours ago, and i’m thinking i might drink a chai as we unwind in front of the teevy tonight. he’s going to have to roll me upstairs to bed. soooooo full.


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