garbage can: 1, so delicious yogurt: 0

so, like many other vayguns, i was excited to learn that there was a new yogurt in town. so delicious (famous for their generally-quite-tasty vegan ice cream) had created a line of yogurt, with several standard flavors and also one fun breakfasty version: cinnamon bun. i was intrigued. the only place i’ve seen it around here is at whole foods, and they were running a sale (3 for $2), so i bought three right away: the aforementioned cinnamon bun, as well as one peach and one raspberry. i already had yogurt in the fridge (my old standby, silk), so i didn’t eat them right away. i arranged them loosely by expiration date and figured i’d get there when i got there.

in the meantime, i learned that a few of you out there (*waves to billy*) had already tried it, and in some circles the consensus was that so delicious yogurt is too sweet. i love sweets, so i was curious about whether i’d have the same complaint. mostly i was just insanely curious about cinnamon bun yogurt. heh. of course, that’s the one i tried first. it was: eh, fine, i guess. not gross, not fantastic, already can’t even totally remember how it tasted. fine.

at some point after that, i also tried the peach. i think my husband packed it in my lunch a couple of days later. it was okay–tasted peachy, texture was fine–but nothing that made me say, “i hereby denounce my regular silk peach yogurt!”

so now we were down to one container left in the fridge: the raspberry. as you know, i have strep at the moment, but i’m on antibiotics so it’s mostly going away. in the meantime, i’m trying to eat yogurt to balance all the antibiotic craziness. hence, the husband packed me a yogurt for lunch yesterday, and so delicious raspberry was the lucky winner. now, you need to know that tuesdays are my crazy days. i usually go to school around 10am or 11am, and then i do random things to get organized before my office hours at 12noon, and then from 1pm to 3pm i prep for my 3pm lecture. during that time i usually force myself to eat something from my lunch (usually my sandwich), but i tend to save everything else from my lunch until after lecture. of course, because i do that, i’m pretty hungry after lecture, so i often swing back to my office immediately afterward to take a snack to my next meeting. there’s a reason i’m telling you all this and the reason is this: at approximately 4.15pm on tuesdays, you will see me famished, with an audience of six people staring right at me while i eat. yesterday was no exception to this rule, and because of the antibiotics, i selected the yogurt first.

so we’re doing our thing, meeting along, and i peel back the top of my yogurt. it looked like it could use a stir–the color was slightly uneven and there was a tiny bit of separation–so i stirred it up a bunch, then started eating. like the other flavors, it was fine, but not really anything exciting. just fine. well, fine until i realized there was some spooky crap in there.

turns out the bit of “uneven color” i saw when i first opened the container was actually a random piece of something. it appeared to be white. i was all, please please let the ingredients say bananas, but nope, no such luck. just raspberries. i start poking at the thing, fishing around in my yogurt with my spoon, trying to figure out what it is. of course, by this time my TAs have noticed that i’m distracted by my own food, so i had to bring them along on the adventure. i’m all, gross!, and they’re all, what is it?! and so on and so on.

for the life of me, i couldn’t figure out what it was, so i finally pulled it out and laid it on the lid of the yogurt so i could start scraping it off to get a better look. it was relatively large, bigger than a quarter, and thinly sliced. at first it appeared orange, but it had a distinctly white spot on the end. maybe a rogue slice of peach? who knows. i was totally weirded out, and very stymied by the white circle on the end. until i made the huge mistake of turning it over, that is. once i flipped it over, i noticed that the other side was completely white with lovely dark green shading. barf. a huge disgusting moldy piece of fruit hanging out in my yogurt. and i had already eaten one-third of the container, which is the awesome part. barf barf barf.

soooo…. i’m pretty sure i’m done with the so delicious yogurt experiment. back to silk. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that good stuff.

(oh! and before anyone asks: the expiration date on the container was april 7th, so i had a good 6 days to go yet.)



  1. yuck! i hate partially eating something only to discover is the home of grossness.
    pre-vegan, i was never a big fan of yogurt. i definitely like the silk gurt better than regular yogurt. i don’t eat it alot because i try to limit my soy and it is not my fave soy product, but when i do, my faves are the raspberry, black cherry, and the key lime. of course, i also like the rest except plain vanilla. never could eat plain vanilla yogurt.

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