greyhound daydreaming

Mariah_3you may recall that we’re tossing around the idea of rescuing a racing greyhound. we talk and talk and talk and joke and broach subjects and talk some more, but we haven’t yet pulled the trigger of filling out an application with the rescue. i mentioned before that we’ve been to a few of their meet ‘n greets, but that’s it so far. lately we’ve been talking about logistics like building a fence in the backyard (how high? what kind? where should the borders be?) and joking about funny names to call our mythical dog (bonkers! fasty!).

we also keep constant tabs on our rescue’s petfinder page, and check in with each other about who our “favorite dog” is today. the list doesn’t change much on petfinder at all, but i look at it three times per day anyway. for awhile i had a crush on millie, then fran and stefi, then midnight, then fran again, and today i have a strong attraction to mariah (pictured). like in the past couple of hours, i’ve been all, ooooh mariah is our dog, i can feel it. heh. they’re all so cute!

another thing we’ve been doing is lurking all over the place on our rescue’s discussion board. we both registered but neither of us has ever posted. i feel like i know these people even though i’m a quiet little mouse. anyhow, today someone started a thread about greyhound treats–as in, what do your doggies go crazy for, and/or what do you give them for really special occasions? and of course tons of people were all blah blah cheeseburger, blah blah gross animal product dog treats that i don’t want to even get into here, and so on… but then one woman posted and said something about how her dogs love bananas, peanut butter, and oatmeal cinnamon biscuits, and that they also eat “whatever falls on the floor when she’s cooking,” such as this and that vegetable… and because i’m me, i was all, “yay! i wonder if she’s vegan?” i’m such a dork. i’m sure she’s not, but i was just so excited to read a post that wasn’t all about cheeseburgers and bully sticks (if you don’t know what they are, do yourself a favor and remain blissfully ignorant) that i got a little carried away.

right now i’m trying to figure out how i might be able to schmooze a local greyhound + cats family into letting us come to their house for an afternoon. that way i could watch the dog interact with kitties and ask a billion questions and start to feel more comfortable about the whole thing. of course, i don’t personally know a family like that, so i run the risk of looking like a weirdly eager scaredy-cat if i just come right out and ask. hence, the daydreaming.



  1. I always get veggie treats for my dog! My local healthfood store has some great veggie biscuits that she adores (and I think they’re cute because they come in heart shapes!) and there’s no turning up her nose at the lack of meat or anything. I think a lot of dog treat companies are small, and therefore (at least here in Ottawa) it’s really easy to find locally produced dog treats of all kinds. I don’t think I could ever stand to feed my dog a cheeseburger! Gross! πŸ˜‰

  2. Good luck with deciding about adopting a rescued greyhound. We already have 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 4 kids in the house so at the moment, I think we’re overflowing, but it would be a good thing to do if I had less animals.
    Good luck with your NaBloPoMo, too. I’m also doing it for April.

  3. I think that with Greyhounds it depends more on the individual dog than anything else, as to whether they’ll be okay with cats. This is something the rescue organizations generally figure out ahead of time, but I’d still be cautious. See, their chase instinct is strong already, and it is strongly reinforced to make them “better racers”. So, caution is advisable.
    That being said, the greyhounds I’ve gotten to know personally lived with cats and really seemed to pay them absolutely no mind!
    I think a lot of the logistical questions are the kinds of things that the rescue groups would know about, or on the forums you lurk on! Though I’d think for “where should the fence borders be,” you’d want to give them absolutely as much room as possible to run!
    Scope out some dog run parks too, or places that are friendly to off-leash dogs and are fenced in. I visited a friend in January who has two greyhounds, and one thing was abundantly clear – there is absolutely nothing we can do to give them the kind of short burst/incredible speed run as they love to do (on their own whim, of course) other than to give them the space and take off the leash. An enclosed area is vital, however.
    I love greyhounds, but my life isn’t really conducive to the care they’d need at this point. So I just support others who rescue them and gush over them! (they do such a special type of pathos with their oh-so-expressive eyes! lol)
    Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

  4. Mariah is beautiful, and I’m jealous. I’ve always thought greyhounds were so sweet and so beautiful. Please don’t be offended by this comment, but pleeez, if you adopt a dog, don’t force him/her to be vegan. Dogs eat meat naturally, and they need the protein to be healthy.
    I totally understand where you’re coming from–I’m veg and have lived with/loved the sweetest cat-girl for 14 years now–but this is an issue where I think we have to temper our personal ethics with what’s best for the animal. My cat’s arthritic and so isn’t supposed to eat food with grain in it, because it causes inflammation, and it’s impossible to find grain-free “humanely” farmed food for her–so I do the best I can by buying from the most ethically sound companies I can find and in the meantime make a total pest out of myself emailing cat/dog-food companies asking them to make organic/cage-free/free-range Certified Humane cat and dog food. I feel guilty about it, but I don’t know what else to do. I could serve her raw organic, local, Certified Humane meat from the co-op (a lot of people swear by it), but I literally haven’t touched meat since 1991 and haven’t been brave enough to do it.
    Where do you stand on all this?

  5. Don’t waste any more time! Get yourself a greyhound! I’m on my 2nd one and with the 1st guy I often did volunteer work with the rescue group I adopted him from. Sadly enough he (Jeremy) died at the young age of 8…bone cancer. About a year’s lapse in time after that and I was ready for another one. Billy is approaching 11 yrs. now, still in good health, though has slowed down a bit when the arthritis acts up now and then. He’s been on a vegan diet for a year now eating Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula. He loves it and I’ve heard it’s the preferred choice among “vegan dogs.” Think of this…a dog will eat pretty much what you put down in front of him. If it meets all his nutritional needs then why not? Don’t listen to the rants of people telling you it’s not natural. The domestic dog of today is nowhere near to being wild as it’s ancestors were. Check out this free download about vegan dog nutrition and other valid points.

  6. john, hello and welcome! πŸ™‚ this post is 8 months old, but if you poke around some more you’ll probably see that we actually did adopt a greyhound, about six weeks after making this post. crazy, huh? her name is maia, she’ll be 3 in march, and she’s vegan. she actually doesn’t care much for natural balance (she liked it at first, a lot, but then got really sick of it and didn’t want to eat it), so she eats a rotation of evolution kibble and ami kibble.

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