overheard at the coffee shop

yesterday i spent a few hours at the coffee shop meeting with one of my advisees, and then just trying to get a couple of things done. at one point i noticed two girls (i assumed they were 20-ish) come in and sit at a table. they were cute, seemed friendly, nothing too spectacular. eventually they moved from their table to the two easy chairs next to the fireplace (which was further away from me). i basically stopped noticing them after that.

…until i suddenly heard one of them freaking out on her cellphone (while talking to her mother). she was all, “NOOO!! why did you DO that?! oh my GOD he was FINE! he didn’t NEED to go out! jeez, fine, just hurry up!”

she made a total scene, like a complete a-hole and i just sat there wtf-ing at the back of her head. i couldn’t believe how rude she was being to her mom, and how loud she was being in this quiet coffee shop. anyhow, as soon as she hung up, she started explaining (yelling, seriously) to her friend: “she let my goddamned dog out! he didn’t need to go out! god, she’s JUST NOW getting on the freeway. i hate that fucking dog. i’d like to throw him away.”

i was FLOORED. it was like, one second i’m sitting there thinking, “what an obnoxious little snot,” and the next second i’m thinking, “i hate her. oh my god i hate her, and i want to kidnap her dog.”

she kept going on and on and on AND ON about how much she hates her dog, how he’s naughty and gets in the mud, how she is sick of him, and how “if he wasn’t so damn cute i would just put him in the dumpster.”

i was literally speechless. it was like i couldn’t believe someone would actually say that shit out loud. eventually she sort of smiled to her friend and said he really is cute, but then reverted right back to how angry she was at her mother for bothering to be nice to her “goddamn dog” and therefore arriving late at the coffee shop. (i suppose it goes without saying that once her mother did arrive at the coffee shop, the girl was completely overdramatic and rude.)

so, yeah, much pity for that girl’s poor dog. thank god he has the girl’s mom around. i didn’t know what to do, so i didn’t do anything. and then i was bummed at myself.



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