the greyhound playdate

we went to the playdate tonight, sans greyhound, and had a nice time. there were 10 doggies there, and it was a lot of fun to watch them scamper around together. we were at a dog training facility, in a big room with mats all over the floor, so they could run up and down and all around. of course none of them got anywhere near top speed, but it was still hilarious to watch them “outrun” the toys that were thrown for them and have to come screeching to a halt. heh.

several of the dogs were very interested in being friends with us. when we first arrived, there were three dogs there, and they all came up to meet us right away. these same three dogs, plus a few others, “checked in” with us (and lots of other people) during the course of the two hours we were there. it was so cute! one of the dogs has only been home for one week, and she is SUCH a lovebug. it was great to talk to her parents (who also have two cats) about her transition. she’s doing extremely well already, and they’re totally in love with her.

we are still being worrywarts, but i think it was helpful to interact with a bunch of greys and their people tonight. it helped me realize that (of course) every dog is different, and every guardian is different, and that for every weird or bad story you hear, there are lots more great stories. i’m looking forward to our home visit (maybe coming up next week?) so that we can have a dog in our house, as well as a person to talk to about all of our billion questions, in a quiet comfortable environment. i shall keep you posted!


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