“humane” dairy

okay. this article irritates me for a variety of reasons, none of them surprising to fellow vegans. one part that is almost laughable is the whole argument that non-“humane”-certified dairies are mad at these guys, because their having the “humane” label might cause consumers to infer that the rest of the dairies are INhumane, and we ALL know that fantastic treatment of cows is in everyone’s best interest! right? i mean, am i right?! *rolls eyes*

and we also ALL know that you can’t get dairy unless you steal and then slaughter all the boy babies! and then torture and rape their moms and sisters until they stop giving “enough” milk. right? everyone knows that, right? oh wait, what’s that? most people don’t know that, because the dairy industry is really quiet about that? oh yeah.

anyhow, the part of this article that completely pissed me off was this:

The association spokeswoman said consumers are especially sensitive to farm animal treatment in the wake of a beef recall in February. That recall occurred after another animal welfare organization released undercover video of workers at a California slaughterhouse trying to get so-called downer cows – sick or crippled animals – to stand by shoving and dragging them with forklifts.

The dairy industry has not been the subject of that type of controversy.

because, um, hello? THOSE COWS WERE “SPENT” DAIRY COWS. argh.



  1. I think you need to know about the dairy that is produced by hare krishna devotees. They are the ONLY people I know that use dairy and are able to do it humanely. here is a link to just one of their sanctuaries. http://www.cowprotection.com/index.html they NEVER EVER kill any cows, even for milk. If they have boy calves they let them grow and give them work. I agree that these are trying times with what is humane and what is not. If only they were as understanding as the HK’s.
    Here in the UK they also have a sanctuary: http://www.krishnatemple.com/newgokul/caring.php

  2. Thanks for this information…. I too wish there was more focus on the reasons why these “spent cows” got that way – at such an early age….. The dairy industry is so evil and abusive – everything from the calves that go to slaughter immediately (bob “veal”) – the others stuck in crates for months…. The constant milking of the females – Their lack of any kind of “life” is so cruel….
    Nothing about using animals for “food” is humane (or healthy) –
    Go Vegan!

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