more backyard wildlife

today started out rough, but ended up pretty awesome. i had basically 6 straight hours of meetings between 10am and 4pm, which sucked, and part of that involved one of our grad students not passing her comps defense (poor kitten), and by the time 4pm rolled around i was more than ready to go the heck home. once there, we had a little snacktion and when my husband was cleaning up the dishes, he suddenly said, “omg come over here right now, carefully and quietly.” he was looking into our backyard, which i couldn’t see from my vantage point, so i immediately jumped up off the couch and started making my way over to him. he was all, “hurry up because you are never going to believe this,” and once i saw what he was looking at, i totally agreed. there was a massive, gorgeous, ring-necked pheasant in our backyard, just slowly wandering around checking things out. how crazy is that?! i swear, we live in a major city and have a small backyard, but we get the most awesome one-day, one-time-only visitors in our yard.

the pheasant was super gorgeous, and he stuck around for a few minutes so i went and grabbed the camera and tried to get some pictures. they didn’t turn out fantastically but you can take a peek if you like. we took the pictures through the glass, so they’re not extremely sharp. anyhow, eventually he wandered behind our garage, so we decided to go outside to see if we could get a little closer and get better pictures. we couldn’t find him once we got out there (it turned out that he had gone through a line of trees and was now up the hill in the backyard behind/”upstairs” from us), but while i was stalking around looking for him, i noticed something dark in the aforementioned line of trees. i took a step closer and the dark figure turned his head to look at me–it was a kitty, and he looked as surprised as i was. i think he was sitting there, watching the pheasant with NO idea what to do, and he looked at me like, “have you seen this thing?!” i said to the kitty, “oh what are you doing there?” and he decided to go through the line of trees into the same backyard that the pheasant was in (unbeknownst to me), and the next thing that happened was a HUGE scolding from the pheasant, which was mainly a bunch of squawking and flapping from what we could hear. i was concerned about what might happen, so we ran around the block to get to that backyard, and when we got there we couldn’t see the pheasant but the cat was hiding under a bush with a hugely puffy tail. heh.

once all the excitement died down, my husband went back to school for awhile and i sat and watched a couple episodes of angel, and then tonight we went to a concert and then out for vegan pizza. yay!


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