anyone got a greyhound for rent?

i think in my ideal world, i’d have a greyhound come live with us for a week, just to make sure i feel we can hack it. i keep second-guessing myself, and (probably over-)worrying about details that are most likely silly in the grand scheme of things. yesterday my sister called me to get some dog advice to pass along to a neighbor, and in listening to myself prattle on for 45 minutes, i realized that i know a lot more about dogs and doggie behavior than i sometimes give myself credit for. which made me feel better, and more confident. but then i slept on it and this morning i had all the same worrywarting going on. i’m annoying.

i’m starting to realize, more and more, that i’m like this in more areas than just potential-greyhound-adopting. i secretly (and sometimes not secretly) worry that i’m not good enough, that i don’t do things well, that i’m not worth listening to. and i have a terrible problem asserting myself, although i’m not sure exactly when that happened. i didn’t used to be that way, but i sure struggle with it lately. i feel very unimportant. and then i feel like i’m partly to blame for that, because i don’t assert myself. because i don’t think i matter. vicious cycle and all that.

wow. that was more than i thought i was going to say. back to the greyhounds: anyone got one they’d like me to babysit for the week? i think it could make a world of difference, for serious.



  1. Hmm… it’s too bad that there isn’t a greyhound foster program you could participate in. Could you put the word out to all the past adopters in the greyhound rescue group saying that you’re available for dogsitting?

  2. I don’t have any greyhound advice. I think the week visit is a great idea, but may be hard to come by.
    And a big, ‘yeah that’ on the second paragraph. Did I steal your keyboard for a few minutes? 😉 However, you have no need to think all that, I love reading your posts here and on VRF and hope that one day we will eventually get to meet! :p

  3. whoamigawd! I tOtally identify with the whole second paragraph. And because I just went to this awesome meeting about “gifted” people (for my son’s TAG program) I think the problem is that you are gifted! okay, I may have meeting-induced diagnosing mania, but but but it makes sense to me. anyhoo, check out this website of the lady who led the meeting I went to. fer serious:
    I’m going to mention this on VRF too, so we can chat there if you are interested.

  4. tamara–yeah, that’s totally the kind of thing i’m thinking, except my guess is that most people wouldn’t want someone who’s never had a greyhound to foster or long-term babysit their greyhound. heh. i seriously considered offering up our babysitting services, but then i felt like i was being a dork. oh wells!
    atouria and gladcow–thanks! it’s good to know i’m not the only weirdo who feels this way. it’s a pretty strong theme in my life lately and i’ve been reluctant to talk about it, but now you know. secret’s out! gladcow, thanks for the link–very interesting!

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