grocery store dessert

my husband’s birthday is today, and he’s not a huge dessert person so i didn’t bake a cake. but then after dinner i started feeling bad about that, so i suggested we go to whole foods and pick something out of the bakery case (probably our best option at 9pm on a sunday!). we did, but when i got there i was bummed to see that the lovely variety of chicago diner sweets that are usually there were all missing. boo! i’m hoping it just means that they ran out over the weekend, and not that they’re no longer carrying them. anyhoo, the husband picked out a creme brulee, and i headed to the cookie aisle, where i found these weird-but-intriguing cookies (the vanilla bean with green tea sandwich cookies). i’ll let you know how that goes. i tried their peanut butter sandwich crackers recently and they were fantastic, so here’s hoping these are good too.



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