quick-moving shadows

i am one of those people who constantly thinks she sees animals. i once slammed on my brakes in the middle of a busy intersection because i thought there was a mouse running in the road. it was a leaf. i’ve learned to laugh at myself, but i still always have the instinct to look at things that catch my eye, just in case.

tonight i was on my way home from dinner with a friend, and as i pulled up to a stop sign at a busy street, i noticed a shadowy figure that appeared to be scampering. my first thought was, “is that a rat?!” i looked carefully at the base of the building where i’d seen the movement. i finally found it again, and it was definitely a little animal who was indeed scampering up the sidewalk, along the base of the building, but it wasn’t a rat. it was a tiny baby bunny!

i was a little concerned because it didn’t seem like the safest or most natural habitat for a baby bunny, so i backed up and pulled over. when i got out of the car, she just sat there next to the building, watching me. as i got closer i asked her if she was lost, and once i got “too close” she hauled bunny butt up the sidewalk away from me (but toward some grassy yards, which seemed much safer to me, so i let her go). i started walking in the direction from which she’d appeared, in hopes of maybe finding her nest, or her mama, or maybe some siblings… just to make me feel more certain that she wasn’t lost and that she was okay. i didn’t find any of those things (or bunnies), so i wandered back to see if i could find her again. no dice. she had disappeared into someone’s lawn. i decided if she was that spry and alert, she was probably just fine on her own, so i left. she was SO super cute, though! i just had to share.


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