omg, kennel day appointment

i just got off the phone with our adoption coordinator at the greyhound rescue, and we have an appointment at kennel day this saturday afternoon. eep! i think i’m about equal parts excited and nervous, which is definitely progress. heh.

i tried to pump her for information about who we might be matched with (because i continue to stalk the petfinder page), but she told me that: (a) she’s not sure all of the available dogs are even on the page yet, and (b) five new dogs are going to be cat-tested on saturday morning, so they’re unknown quantities at this point, and (c) there’s one kitty-family ahead of us on saturday, so she didn’t want to even guess at names in the off-chance that we’d get “attached” only to have a dog adopted before we get there. fair enough. still, i’m soooo curious! but in all honesty, i’m one of those people who believes in fate-type destiny-type things, so i generally go the route of, “if there’s a dog at the kennel who is meant to be ours, we’ll get to meet that dog regardless.”

if we DO meet a dog that we click with, we can decide right then and there on saturday to adopt that doggie. at that point, s/he will be paired up with a foster family, and we begin preparing and waiting. i think there’s usually about a two-week wait between the adoption decision and the actual homecoming… in between, they go into a foster home so they can learn the ropes of home life, start interacting with kitties, all that good stuff. so we won’t come home with a dog on saturday… but still: eep! if you are so inclined, you can begin sending good doggie vibes our way!


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    ok, i’m spent. now i need like a 10 hour nap before i send more vibes.

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