kennel day appointment update

we got a phone call this morning asking if we’d be interested in/able to come to kennel day earlier than planned. our original appointment was supposed to be tomorrow at 1pm, but evidently the 10am family has chosen a dog who’s currently in a foster home, so they no longer need to go to kennel day tomorrow. we were offered their spot (which is the first appointment of the day), so we took it! i had made my peace with being the last appointment of the day, and now it’s all topsy-turvy. i’m kind of excited because it means we get “first picks,” but like i said the other day, i believe that if there’s a dog who’s meant to be with us, we’ll meet him or her regardless of when we show up.

i also found out who will be there showing us dogs (i.e., which volunteers from the rescue organization), and they both seem extremely nice and helpful, so that makes me happy. the only thing that’s bumming me out is the weather. it’s totally crappy today, rainy and gross, and it’s looking like tomorrow won’t be much better. i was really hoping for a mild, sunny day. oh wells, you can’t have everything!

wish me luck, and i’ll report back tomorrow!



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