guess what?


i’m still too overwhelmed to say anything else! today was an emotional roller coaster and i feel a bit like a crazy person. well maybe a LOT like a crazy person. but this is heidi, tuckered out after a LONG day and ready to go to sleep in her kennel. look at her face! she’s got a great face. this face is going to be living with us in a few weeks.



  1. *gasp* OH! She is gorgeous! And beautiful! And sweet! Congratulations! I just finished bawling over the horse that collapsed at the Kentucky Derby today (I *despise* horse racing) so this is wonderful news to read. Heidi is going to have the most fantastic life now. THANK YOU for adopting her!

  2. Yay! Congratulations on your recent adoption. She is so beautiful. I know you’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic greyhound-momma.

  3. Holy crap, she’s adorable! Good luck.
    We are a three-cat household that desperately wants a dog (or two…) someday, so I’ve been reading your posts about finding cat-friendly dogs w/interest!

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    johanna, i will definitely keep you posted. 😉 for now i can tell you that on paper, a (cat-safe) greyhound seems like a great match for a kitty household. they sleep 18 hours a day, just like a cat, and they have 10-minute bursts of energy, just like a cat. other than that, they reportedly lie around and/or follow you around all day, being sweet. heh.

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