one reason not to baleet your myspace page

so, i got a myspace page forever ago, and i used it for awhile, but eventually got bored and now i mostly forget about it. i’ve toyed with deleting it a few times, but was always too lazy to bother–plus, i’m one of those “just in case” people. anyhow, those of you who also have myspace pages probably have been spammed by bands asking to be your friend. i pretty much always ignore them. i just delete the friend requests before even checking the profile. i’m a jerk.

but tonight i got a message (not a friend request) from an artist, which i thought was kind of weird and interesting. i had never heard of him before, and in fact didn’t realize he was an artist (rather than a random joe) at first… but when i read his message, it was relatively personal, friendly, on-topic, and not at all misguided. he pointed out something we had in common, told me to check out a cover version of a song he’d done (a song i love), and let me know that he’d be in town tomorrow night for a show. i clicked on his profile, and as soon as his songs started playing i was all, how have i never heard of this guy? he’s awesome! seriously right up my alley of music-lovin’. i listened to all the songs on his profile, then went over to iTunes and listened to a bunch of samples, and within a couple of hours i had bought a [mumble mumble] amount of his music. and i’m really bummed that i’m already double-booked for tomorrow evening, because i honestly would have tried to rope my husband into going with me to the show.

well done, gregory douglass!


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