tote-bag full of meat

today we went to a baseball game with a bunch of faculty and grad students from our department. we tailgated for over two hours before the game, which i prepared for by: (a) eating a pb&j before leaving the house, ha ha, and (b) bringing a bunch of hummus, chips, tings, and cookies so i could nosh all afternoon if i felt like it. i also was pleasantly surprised that a couple of people had kept me in mind and purposely brought vegan things (and let me know about them)–i thought that was really sweet.

anyhow, when we finally started wandering from the parking lot to the stadium for game-time, we noticed people frantically handing out small cards and then little parcels that they would pull out from a canvas tote-bag they were wearing. of course we were all wondering about what exciting freebie was within our reach, until i overheard one of the bag-wearers proudly proclaim, “they’re brats!”

i was speechless for a moment. random strangers carrying around a bag of meat and handing out bratwurst to anyone who wanted one. the idea just sounds so absurd to me. and perhaps the weirdest part of all? it was a promotion for some national bank i’d never even heard of. i mean, seriously. what will people think of next?


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