late lunch with my TAs

i mentioned this before, but today was the day: my TAs took me out as a ‘thank you’ for this year, which is so sweet and totally uncalled for, because i need to seriously be thanking them. anyhow, they took me to one of my very favorite restaurants, and we had a blast. i got one of them hooked on the chocolate banana smoothies i love so much, and another one had a totally vegan meal, although i’m not sure if that was by accident or on purpose (hee).

on friday we’re having our final exam, and i’m planning to bake for them that day, but i’d also like to get them some small gifties. i’m having a tough time because two of them are boys. it’s a lot easier to buy “girly things,” at least for me, being a girl. anyone have cool ideas for not-wildly-expensive-but-still-thoughtful-and/or-cool thank you gifts?



  1. I don’t know what you have in mind, but a friend of mine got me a book about the academic job search (I plan to be done with my PhD next May … we’ll see). If any of your TAs are thinking of going into academia, that might be a good gift.

  2. A moleskine journal is nice. I have also given a lot of people the book “On Bullshit” by Harry G. Frankfurt which is a wonderful slim book/essay.

  3. those are great ideas, you guys–thank you!! i really appreciate it! tonight i found some really cool little notebooks; small but sturdy, with awesome quotes on the front cover. i got six different quotes, and now i’ll be matching the right quote to the right person. 😉 i also found these neat little metal bookmark/paperclip thingies, and i’ll give each of them one to keep their place in their notebook. whew!
    jamie–i loved your idea too but my TAs are kind of all over the map, job-wise, so i decided to go with something more “generic” (totally not the right word but you know what i mean). and WOO HOO for being done in a year! go you!

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