things i bought today

today we went out for early lunch and then ran errands all afternoon. here are the things i bought:

moroccan pea soup (omg this was DELICIOUS!)
tofu burger with lettuce, vegenaise, ketchup, & avocado
chocolate banana smoothie

sam’s yams dog chews
just vegg’n treats
a stuffed animal (sea turtle) for the doggie
5 small glitter balls for the cats
an awesome new birdbath for the yard

at home, online:
a ginormous slumber ball (think beanbag for dogs)
…and pretty soon, a crate

it’s been a big day. the moroccan pea soup was the highlight, though. it was soooo good, and kind of weird, but in a good way. i joked that it tasted like split pea or lentil soup, with a hint of cinnamon applesauce. i know that probably sounds revolting, but it wasn’t.

things we almost bought or considered buying today: a cat tree (still working on that project!!), biodegradable poop bags, an elevated feeder, and a crate pad. and probably a bunch of other things i’m forgetting.


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