the vegan experiment

okay, so i know this couple in my department extremely well. i’ve blogged about them before (separately, usually). they were my professors before they were my colleagues, and they’re very good to me. they’re also unabashed meat-eaters and they enjoy teasing me (husband) or worrying about me (wife) when it comes to my veganism. i know this about them, i’m very used to it, and although i bitch about it sometimes (usually here!), i generally let it roll off and just realize that it’s part of who they are and they don’t mean any harm.

last week we were over at their house, socializing with another one of our colleagues, celebrating the end to a particularly grueling semester (it has been the Year of the Meeting, i swear to you). they had put out hummus and fresh bread, which made me extremely happy, and we were just sitting around having drinks and snacking on hummus and stuff, when the wife suddenly said to me, “i’m thinking about going vegan for the summer.” i didn’t know how to respond to that; i thought maybe she was kidding around, but she looked pretty serious. i said something like, “oh really?! how come?” and she said something about just to try it, to see if she’d like it, for a change, that kind of thing. i didn’t push, and i just said something like, “well let me know if you need any help with anything!” and we maybe went back and forth about a couple of tiny things, but then i kind of blew it off.

the next day i saw her at our departmental baseball game outing, and she ate two hot dogs. i wasn’t surprised in the least.

but then today, she went out of her way to tell me that she had tried some tofu “egg” salad, and that it was DELICIOUS. so i guess she must be at least halfway serious about this vegan experiment thing. i decided to take her more seriously this time, and i suggested we go out for lunch to a vegan-friendly place and i give her some tutorials. she said she totally wanted to do that.

i’m flabbergasted, really. i’m not sure what her deal is, and i’m relatively certain this will be a passing fad for her, but if she’s genuinely interested for even five minutes, i’ll be happy to help her learn whatever she wants to learn. weird, hey?



  1. my first thought was…when does summer officially start for her? if she is anything like me i am flexible about that kind of thing.
    and my second was, she’s doing baby steps. when i went vegan, i tried to do it after new years. i panicked and it didn’t happen. then i tried again on april fools (the real new years. hahaha.) and it stuck. but it was many years before that of me actually working my way there. good for her!

  2. Weird, but cool! I had a colleague at work who was “vegan on Thursdays” – he ate anything he wanted other days, but on Thursdays he’d go find some interesting vegan food for lunch. That was it. But you know, it was one more person supporting vegan menu items and one more meal per week that was made of veggies and not animals. Maybe he eventually gave it up or – maybe, just maybe – expanded to Wednesdays and so on. But every little vegan “experiment” does add up, I think, to a whole lot of good.

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