rearranging the house

our doggie is probably coming home on wednesday, so i’m trying desperately to get things ready for her, but i’m constantly second-guessing myself. tonight i rearranged our bedroom (to try and figure out the best place for her crate) and our family room (to try to accommodate the ginormous bed we bought), and i’m not sure if i like either one. in the process, i’m slightly displacing the kitties, too, which frustrates me. for instance, the spot i chose for her bed is the spot previously occupied by the scratching post and the little drinking fountain, so those have to be moved. and the place i think will work for her crate is right near the door of the bedroom, and i don’t want the kitties to feel weird about coming and going (when it’s “their” bedroom, after all). sigh. i still need to figure out if we’re going to designate a “kitty room” where they can go and NEVER be pestered by the dog. it makes sense in theory, but the best room for that (i think) is one of our upstairs bedrooms, and i feel a little weird moving their stuff upstairs. right now they’re fed in the kitchen, and the litterbox is in the family room closet. do i have to move those all to the “kitty room,” or not necessarily?

i really really hate (i mean really hate) being in situations where i feel like there’s one right answer and i just can’t figure it out. and even if i know there probably isn’t one right answer, i still give myself a stomach ache trying to discern what it is. i’m annoying.

also, for no reason whatsoever, tonight i’m suddenly afraid that we’ll have potty troubles. you know, just to give me something else to worry about. i think it might be best if i just move away for a month and come back when everything is “normal” again.


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  1. That’s the same bed we have for our pug! Ours is slightly smaller – we have two actually. They just get thrown around the house but they are the best beds on the planet. My little guys snuggle up together on one mostly.

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