very very tired

none of us slept very well last night. she actually crated really well overnight (greyhounds live in crates constantly, so it's supposed to be a comforting thing for them… although the transition to home life is very weird and confusing), but twice the cats checked her out and startled her. she barked loudly and got a firm NO in response, and both times (about 4 hours apart) she settled immediately.

even though she was VERY quiet the majority of the night, i couldn't sleep at all. i think i finally got an hour of sleep around 5am. my husband got up with her at some point (very early) and let me sleep in a bit, and i think i got about 3 hours at that point.

today we stayed home with her all day (which, again, is weird because during her week in foster she was crated 8 hours while they were at work), and mostly just hung out with her in the living room or outside. we had two fence companies come for estimates, so each time we had her outside with us for about an hour each. she adores people and she snuggled up to the fence peeps–very cute.

we tried crating her for a couple of hours this evening (during the transition it's typical to crate them whenever you're not home or cannot keep a direct eye on them at all times), and again, she didn't like it. she would cry for 5 minutes, be quiet for 20 or 25 minutes, then cry for 10 minutes, and so on. when i let her out she was overjoyed to see me. i'm REALLY crossing my fingers that this is just "adjustment stuff" and not the beginnings of separation anxiety. 

the cats have been really quite brave, and she was less jumpy about them today. she is very interested in watching them, but tonight when finley was too close to her, she started whining. i think she's a little intimidated when they stare at her. heh.

anyhow, that's it in a nutshell. i'm probably forgetting a billion things but i'm so tired it's unbelievable.


  1. Not sure if I missed it or not – what name did you decide on?
    It is always a bit nerve wracking when you first bring a newcomer into the home, but I’m sure you’ll all adjust really quickly, and then you’ll look back and smile at how nervous you were at first!

  2. deb, you didn’t miss it–we finally decided last night on maia. 🙂 and WOW i hope you’re right! i have set myself 3 weeks before i can really re-focus and think about stuff, because i know i need some time (just like she does). so on june 11, here’s hoping i feel a lot more settled and less freakish!

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