our CSA has started!

i'll take a small break from regaling you with doggie-induced nervousness to say that we got to pick up our first CSA delivery today. yay! my husband took some pictures of the haul so i'll be posting those on flickr soon. he made a bunch of stuff tonight–yummy sandwiches with asparagus and different lettuces, and then some marinated mushrooms or summat (those were just for him, because i'm a terrible vegan and greatly dislike mushrooms). he loves to cook and we both love to eat, so this should be fun. oh, there's also a bunch of rhubarb in this delivery, which should be interesting because i've never eaten it before.

doggie nutshell of the day: my husband sent me away for eight hours so i could "think about something besides the dog," so i went to school for most of that time and tried to work. i wasn't entirely successful, but it did help me stop ruminating for a little while. and i'll knock on wood when i say this, but: it's possible that we figured out a solution for the crate problem. maybe. still in the experimentation phase. 

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