one dog, two cats, and a thunderstorm

so, it's raining right now, and there's a bit of thunder and lightning. maia isn't too fond of the thunder, but mostly it's just an "this is weird, i'm nervous," kind of reaction so far. the cats are used to it and storms don't bother them. i got home a little while ago (my husband was home with them all day), and maia followed me upstairs so she could lie on the floor in our office. the kitties are nearby, and they've come somewhat close to her, and she's bummed enough about the storm that she's just staying put with a sad little look on her face. poor girl.


One comment

  1. Val became a big chicken about thunderstorms when we moved here. She MUST sleep in our room, on the floor right beside Spouse, whenever we have a hard rain. If there is actual thunder and/or lightening, she must sleep in bed with us. (She also really hates firecrackers.)

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