vegan fish tacos for everyone!

you may recall that on mother's day, we hosted my mom's side of the family and served a vegan meal all around. and everyone loved it! i was totally happy.

well, that happened again today, but with my dad's family. we had a group over to hang out for memorial day, and my husband made his now-famous vegan fish tacos, which was VERY new for everyone involved, and not only did everyone try them without a silly look or weird comment, but everyone LOVED them and went back for seconds and thirds. my dad who "doesn't like tofu" and "won't eat red cabbage" was really into them. it was awesome and it made me very happy. for dessert we made three kinds of smoothies and sat out in the yard to enjoy a really nice day. 

doing a big to-do all vegan-style and hearing nary a complaint really floats my boat. and when everyone raves, it makes me doubly happy. yay family!

in other news, maia did very well at her first family function, and she was extremely good with my nieces (almost 4 years old, and almost 5 months old). she adored the baby, and she didn't even cringe or hide when she had her random screaming fits. i was really pleasantly surprised. she also kept up her streak of being a daddy's girl, when she went straight up to my dad first thing, laid down, and wagged her tail while asking for belly rubs. she also took quite a shine to my brother-in-law. she looooves her some people, i swear.


  1. I am so lucky too that my sweet man is the chef of our house. One of my top 5 favorite meals of his are vegan fish tacos!! We had them last week and OMG….we ate the leftovers the next night – that never happens.

  2. fawn, he uses a recipe for tofu fish sticks from the vegan lunchbox blog. i think if you google “tofu fish sticks” you’ll find it pretty easily. it worked great the first time he tried it, and he stuck with it!

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