doggie treats

last week, maia didn't like treats. now, she suddenly likes them. we're very relieved, because it's super-hard to train a dog who doesn't give a fig about treats. heh. today's fun discovery was that she likes pizza-flavored treats (they're from alice's, which is a local company run by a girl i know). they're SUPER crunchy and she thought they were just fantastic. yay! she also likes buddy biscuits (the molasses flavor is all we've tried so far, plus their soft peanut butter tiny treats). whew! 

in other news, today i gave her a treat for sitting quietly on her bed while i fed the kitties, and as she was crunching on her treat, finley arrived on the scene and got right up in her grill, all, "whatcha got in that mouth, doggie?" he is such a nerd. she was a really really good girl, though, and basically ignored him.

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