oh for three

i haven't had much luck taking wildlife in to be saved. first there was a tiny baby squirrel found at 11pm huddled against a building on a busy city street, next there was the pigeon who had been hit by a car, and now a seagull i "rescued" on friday. except not. sigh. 

i was walking a couple of blocks from my house, and i heard a car toot its horn. when i looked up, i realized the driver was honking at a seagull in the road. the seagull hustled across the street, but didn't fly. i asked him (i'm weird) why he was walking across the street, and when he turned to walk on the sidewalk near me, i realized his wing was broken. poor sweet little guy. 

he let me get pretty close to him, but he was wary, so i decided to go home and get a box. before i got too far, though, i found a friendly man in his driveway, and he went to his basement to get me a box so i didn't have to go all the way home and come back. yay, nice man! i went back to get the seagull, and he was hiding in a backyard garden. after trying to gently coax him into the box a million times, i had to actually start scaring him out of bushes and kind of chasing him. i felt awful, because i didn't want to scare him, and he was off-balance because of the broken wing, but i really needed to catch him.

eventually a woman and her father came out of the house (wondering why there was a crazy girl in their garden, no doubt), and then they helped me corral the seagull. eventually the dad (an adorable older asian man who didn't speak english) got close enough to pick up the bird, and he put him in the box. whew! 

i walked two blocks home and then drove him to the humane society. his wing looked really awful, so i didn't have high hopes, but i tried to remain optimistic. just as when i brought in the pigeon awhile back, they told me that it all depends on where the break is… if it's at a joint, it's almost impossible to heal in such a way that he could use it again, but if it's not at a joint, they could probably fix it. i left him in caring hands, gave them a donation, and headed home. 

sadly, when i was there yesterday for my regular shift, i learned that they weren't able to fix his wing, and he had to be put to sleep. i haaaaate feeling like i'm delivering these poor animals to their doom, but i don't know what else to do in situations like those. and i know it's much better for him to be painlessly euthanized than it is to starve to death in someone's backyard or get stalked by my neighbor's cat or get hit by a car, but still. so sad.

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  1. There might not be any in your area, but there might be a sanctuary, like poplar spring, that takes in wildlife and gives them a home (in addition to farmed animals, in PS’s case). There are geese and a swan who have broken wings or can’t fly for whatever reason. PS might be unusual, but at the same time it can’t hurt to look for a similar type of place.

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