the littlest raccoon

okay, i promised last night that i'd tell my baby raccoon story, so here it is:

about a week or so ago, my husband and i were walking maia rather late at night–i'm guessing around 11pm. we were only a few blocks from our house, across the street from an elementary school, when i saw something teeny trotting along the sidewalk. i thought it was a kitten, maybe about 12 weeks old, and i kind of freaked out. my husband held onto maia and i went closer to investigate. as you already know from the subject of my post (ha ha), it was a baby raccoon, just trotting along, all alone. i was immediately stressed out, looking for his mama or his littermates, but i didn't see anyone at all.

as i got closer to him, he started to climb a nearby tree, and then i felt bad for scaring him, and i was also terrified that he'd climb up and get stuck. i backed off, and he came down and started wandering along again. i followed him for awhile, still watching for other raccoons with no luck. i didn't know what to do–he seemed so little to be all alone, but he obviously knew to climb a tree to escape, so i had hope that he was okay.

he crossed the street and ended up on the lawn of the school, and i followed him. he climbed another tree so i backed off again. when he climbed down i squatted and tried chattering to him a little, because he seemed to be chattering (for his mama?). he started walking toward me, and then suddenly got pissed at me (hee!) and sort of charged me up, hissing a bit. again, i backed off. 

he was seriously like the cutest thing ever, and i was soooo conflicted about what to do, and meanwhile my husband was walking up and down the blocks nearby to look for more, and we never found anyone else. eventually we decided that if he was savvy enough to climb trees and bitch me out, he was probably okay. i dearly hope we were right. 
p.s. holy crap, baby raccoons are cuuuuuute!!

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