first vet visit

so, we took maia to the vet today. her checkup was mostly unremarkable, except that the vet detected the possibility of a slight heart murmur… but she said it could just be nerves. she didn't seem all that concerned, so i guess we won't be, either.

but, later in the afternoon, we got a call to let us know that she has hookworms. ew. i read a bunch about them and she doesn't really seem symptomatic, so i'm a little confused. the vet was closed by the time we got the message, so we'll be going in tomorrow to ask more questions and pick up her meds.

otherwise, she was basically good to go. she has an itchy patch on her leg that we will treat with cortisone ointment, and she's the proud owner of a new microchip. she got lots of treats and attention while she was there, so all in all it was a good trip.

*shakes fist at hookworms*


  1. I’m so happy to read that Miss Maia is settling in nicely, getting along with the kittehs and all. And you’re sounding much less stressed – that’s AWESOME.
    Boo to hookworms!

  2. i made the mistake of going to the store for cat food. i always go walk by the cats up for adoption and they had 4 of THE CUTEST black kittens ever, playing in front of their proud momma. oh, i wanted to adopt one so badly!!!
    luckily, the adopters were out for the evening and i got out of there safely.
    i say this all in the terms my landlords would use at me adopting another cat. big frown from them. me, i want more cats!

  3. My cat Owen has a significant heart murmur. He’s had it since he was a kitten. He actually just had to have eight teeth removed so we took him to a cardiologist to make sure he could be put under for the operation. He was given the go ahead but his murmur is very significant.

  4. I wonder if it might be a good idea to go ahead and start supplementing Maia with l-carnitine, just to prevent any heart issues from arising I’m guessing she’s fine, but I’m a big carnitine worrynerd. I’ll probably pick some up for Zoe in the next few days. :p

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