people who should know better

i got cranky today at a bunch of different people, but i just realized that there's a common thread. i was reading a few of my old co-op magazines (we get one each month from them, so i had april, may, and june lying around), and the following three articles/features set me off:

1. an announcement for a book reading at a nearby shop, for a book about so-called compassionate carnivores

2. an article about a restaurant run by a (formerly vegetarian?) chef who used to have tons of vegan options at her last restaurant (recently closed) and now is super-proud of herself for offering "high-quality lamb, pork, chicken, and eggs" and has all but eradicated veg*n options from her menu

3. a feature about june being dairy month, accompanied by dairy specials at the co-op, several dairy-heavy recipes, and an ass-ton of dairy propaganda in the write-up

like almost all of you, i see stuff like this all the time in mainstream media, and that's frustrating too… but almost more "expected," i guess, so i try to let it roll off. seeing it in my co-op's monthly magazine, though, feels more like a betrayal or something. 

for one, they should know better. and for two, it really gripes my grapes because i feel like they are tOtally trying to cash in on this whole "compassionate carnivore," "humane meat," "insane oxymoron," "stop feeling guilty because if the animals live on smaller farms that means it's not cruel to slaughter them" bullcrap. people who shop at the co-op are probably an ideal target audience for more expensive "happy meat" and "happy dairy/eggs," so why not play it for all it's worth and attempt to ease everyone's conscience as they write out their checks? if a co-op had shins, i would want to kick them.


  1. Ugh. A thousand times ugh. Our co-op is getting ready to move into a bigger, more “conventional” retail place, and they’ve been trumpeting a new deli section. The frozen meat section they have is already bad enough. It’s enough to make one want to pull their membership sometimes…

  2. Long time… I miss not visiting here…I will try not to be a stranger.
    As disappointing as all the happy meat is (my farmers market has become heavily infiltrated with ultra-happy meat booths), it may not be all dismal. Overwhelmingy, by my calculations and in my personal encounters, the happy meat customers are lifelong omnivores, and I see happy meat as an expected stopover on the way to giving up meat, which to most omnivores still seems like a near-impossible task. At least the happy meat-eaters, in the main, have begun to consider animals’ interests. Very often – I’m temped to say most of the time – people I meet who are buying happy meat are also experimenting with veg*an substitutes such as tofu, veggie bacon, and ordering bean burritos instead of meat burritos. Let’s keep advocating and give it time.

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