lip balm outreach

for mother's day, i gave everyone (my mom, my stepmom, my mother-in-law, and my grandma) some things that make me happy. one of those things was lip balm. i adore lip balm, as i once yammered about forever ago. and when i went vegan, i had to go on the quest for non-beeswax and/or non-lanolin lip balm, because my prior addiction was to blistex lip medex in the dark blue pot. anyhow, i've now built up a little team of lip balms that i love very much (although let me quickly interrupt myself and say: a hex upon you, alba hawaiian line! i'm still not over your formula change!), and they hang out in my linen closet, waiting for their turn. 

when i put together my mother's day presents, i went to my trusty lip balm cabinet to grab a tube for each girlie, and i ended up passing out crazy rumors to my mom and my grandma. well, they LOVE it and they keep talking about it all the time. recently my grandma let my great-aunt use her tube during a scary hospital stay, and now my great-aunt loves it too. my mom actually sent me an email last night requesting that i show up at the next family gathering with more lip balm. this tickles me. also: yay lip balm! i'm totally bringing a variety of flavors for all of them!

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