store-bought dessert

i've been craving dessert lately, but we don't have a ton of it in the house, and with maia and summer school i've been a little distracted (hence, no baking). today we went out for lunch, and when we browsed the adjoining market looking for parma!, we found two other exciting morsels instead. first, and not-so-unexpected, was our local vegan bakery's banana cake. it's SO tasty, with a really great buttercream frosting. i snatched that up right away. but second, and tOtally unexpected, were the bags right next to the banana cake: uncle eddie's cookies! i have never seen them in a store here (only bought them online from food fight!), so i was actually kind of shocked when it registered what i was looking at. i snagged those immediately, too, proclaiming that i would reward the store for stocking their new experimental item. hee.

but the best part? was getting home, tearing into the cookies this evening, and realizing that while i thought i had simply purchased the chocolate chip, that instead i had come home with the super-delightful peanut butter chocolate chip. hooray!


  1. Ohh You *see* the delicious dessert… your heart jumps, but then sinks a little because it may have ingredients you can’t eat. You *pick up* the dessert, oh its look even better up close… You *read* the label as you heart beats steadily, the anticipation rising with each ingredient read that you can eat… SUCCESS! You want to yell, as you reach the end of the ingredient list and its all good. At this point it could cost 400% more than it is worth, but who cares! … Or maybe that is just me.
    Good posts, I read all of them for this month. Very cool, one post a day for 30 days, I like it! I’ll be checking back in!

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