carrots don’t have a smell

i had heard that carrots are sometimes a good "treat" for dogs, because they are crunchy and lovely for their teeth. greyhounds are kind of notorious for teeth problems, so i've been keeping this idea in the back of my mind. tonight when i was getting maia's dinner ready, i noticed a bag of baby carrots in our fridge, and decided to give it a shot. 

i pulled one out of the bag, and offered it to her. no reaction whatsoever. i offered it to her again. she laid down on the floor. hee.

i encouraged her to get back up, saying, "maia, look! look what i have!" and she got up again. i gave her the carrot and she finally took it and then dropped it on the floor. i think because it didn't really smell like a snack, she had no idea it was food. i encouraged her to eat it, and finally she started gnawing on it. then she suddenly thought it seemed like a fun idea, and went to town on it. she was a little surprised when she chomped it in half, but by then she was totally into it and she chewed up and ate the whole thing. 

so yay, we have a healthy treat option that's good for her teeth and her girlish figure!


  1. i have a basset, so it’s really important for us to keep an eye on her weight. they are just so long that the center of her spine isn’t supported quite so well. they’re big dogs (like 50 lbs for a female) but the vet says even just a couple of pounds are going to make a big difference in the long run.
    so anyway, we did pretty much the same thing as you, super enthusiastic voice and after she tried it she was very into them. she now will go crazy over orange things (highlighters for example) that remind her of carrots. in case you want another option, she also likes celery but not as much.

  2. we have a terrier/beagle mix & she loves carrots. we either give her those or ice cubes as treats. my in laws had a dachshound & he loved carrots as well.

  3. Lola loves carrots, but her biggest love is “broccoli bones”. I heard it from someone on verf a looong time ago. Anyhoo, I just cut off all the florets and give the stem part to Lola. Lucy likes it too now. Raw broccoli has some breath side effects that carrots don’t have, but it’s a great way to use up the stem.

  4. my friend has 4 dogs and she feeds them all celery. one of them had weight issues, so that was the impetus to the celery and now all of them go to town on it. two eat whole stalks, the other two share one. she swears by it for the dogs.

  5. awesome post! my dad and stepmom live with a little cairn terrier who loves all kinds of veggies – beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, you name it, she loves it. (and of course a lot of people have vegan dogs… 🙂

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