officially a dork

my office building on campus is being "freshened up." over the past few months, they have stripped and refinished all of our office doors, painted all the hallway and stairway walls, and done little repairs that have been needed for awhile now. they also put up all new nameplates next to our office doors a month or so ago, but i was told we were waiting on someone to get around to us as far as actually putting our names on them. i have noticed these new nameplates around campus in some buildings (and even on the first floor of my building), and i think they're neat and all, but i wasn't happy about the format of the names i'd seen so far. the ones downstairs are first initial, last name, and that's not really my style. i'd rather have my full name, not only because there are two of us with the same last name in my department (i.e., my husband and me), but also because half of my students call me by my first name anyway.

and then there's the part about how i always write in lowercase letters, and whenever i have control over it, that's how my name appears. my personal checks, my return address labels, my email "from" field, etc. etc. etc. are all lowercase, and i've been doing that for so long, it just looks weird to see my name any other way. so i was secretly wishing for a lowercase nameplate, knowing all along that i'd never make a big deal out of asking a stranger to do that for me, but being wishy about it anyway.

well, today i showed up on campus for the first time in nearly a week, and i realized that our nameplates had all appeared. i was happy because for whatever reason, ours all had our first names included. yay! i still wished for a lowercase version, but obviously i can live with these things. anyhow, i went about my business and had a meeting with one of my advisees, and after awhile our department assistant came wandering down the hall and said, "is relationships/jealousy okay for your second line?" and i was all, "wha-huh?"

she said, "i'm printing up stuff to fill up the space on your name plates, like your areas of specialty or something on the second line," and she had chosen "relationships/jealousy" for me, and wanted approval (or for me to tell her to do something else). she had also made a few funny ones to surprise people with. heh. anyhow, i realized that she was the one who prepared our nameplates, not some faceless random stranger, and i got all nerd-excited and asked her if i could please have a lowercase version. she was all, "sure thing!" and then asked what i wanted my second line to say. i half-jokingly said "go vegan!" and both she and my grad student thought that was a great idea, so off she went to make my new nameplates. ha! 

within five minutes, i was all set up. it totally "looks like me" now that it's in lowercase, and i am getting a huge kick out of my proselytizing. i am the world's biggest dork, but i kind of love it.


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