avocados should be required

today i went to lunch with some out-of-town friends (they requested the restaurant), and the only thing standing between me and the vegan special (i.e., french fries and a side salad) was a vegetarian focaccia sandwich. it had sprouts, cucumber, tomato, and red onion, and you could "finish it with your favorite cheese." i don't care for straight-up tomatoes, but if i could have gotten that sandwich without tomatoes and cheese, but with avocado, i would have been pretty happy. alas, there was nary an avocado mentioned anywhere on the menu. that, my dear friends, is a travesty.

so, vegan special it was. meh. at least the company was good!


  1. I’ve had an avocado for breakfast for the last two days. There are still two more left and I’ll probably eat those for breakfast, too.
    I slice them in half, take out the pit, grind some fresh black pepper on each half, sprinkle a couple of pinches of salt — then have at it with a spoon. So weird, but so good!

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