selecting companion animals for others

one of my colleagues would like to adopt a kitty, and so she's asked me to keep an eye out for a young male that meets several criteria. i offered to do this, so i'm not complaining… but still, it's kind of stressful, picking out a companion for someone else's family. especially when the someone else is extremely meticulous and her house is kind of like a museum and she has a little girl at home with lovely ideas about what it's like to have a kitty. there's a lot of pressure! heh. still, i'm up for it, as long as i also get to provide editorial commentary as i go along. i think she'll be okay with that.

today's search was kind of a bust, because almost every kitty i socialized was either a girl or over 5 years old. the two i potentially had my eye on (a 4-month-old black kitten, and a 2-year-old cow kitty) both turned out to be a little mouthy, which i didn't feel comfortable with (especially with a little girl in the house). again–if these kitties were going to be MY kitties i might have entirely different ideas and expectations, but trying to pick one for someone else is a little weird.

here's hoping i find a gem and save the day!

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