almost a month

as of yesterday, maia has been living with us for four weeks, and it will officially be one month on saturday. in some ways i can't believe that much time has gone by! i still feel like we're learning–A LOT–but i guess if i take a step back i can also see how far she's come and how we've settled into some routines with her. the kitties are adjusting pretty well, i think, although we still have to watch everyone carefully and they're never together unsupervised (which is somewhat easy, because maia pretty much follows us absolutely everywhere). still, i feel a little bad for them sometimes because they can't tear around like crazy little kitties anymore, and they don't get a lot of alone time with us at all. i suppose all things with time, right? hmmm, maybe on saturday i'll do a more detailed "state of the dog project" post and explore my feelings a bit. heh.


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