vegan deep fryer

so tonight i was in one of those exciting situations where i could choose from LOTS of selections on a menu. i know you all know how exciting that is (or might be). i was beside myself as usual, feeling overloaded with options. there were tons of fried things on the menu, and the restaurant has a totally vegan deep fryer (woo hoo!). the place is a bar, mostly, so it's kind of "pub food" or comfort food, and therefore i made up my mind from the beginning that i wouldn't be eating healthy-style this evening. 

finally, i had narrowed it down to the southern fried tofu sandwich or the sloppy joe. so when my friend ended up ordering the former, i went ahead and picked the latter. that narrowing was hard enough, but along with the entree i was allowed to pick two sides and one sauce, and there were vegan options aplenty, so it was like having to start all over again with the decisions! they had tater tots, onion rings, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, red beans & rice, on and on, all vegan. i made the most deep-fried decision i could, and went with the tater tots AND the onion rings. ha! and then for my sauce i picked the vegan ranch. i was never a ranch person myself, but i have heard many people rave, "they have vegan ranch!!" and i felt almost obligated to pick that one. i was not disappointed.

my sloppy joe was indeed sloppy (oh and it was served with a bunch of avocado slices! so weird, but so awesome!), and the sides were enormous portions. the tater tots were not to be believed, seriously. i like tater tots in general, but these were aMAYzing. omg. and i dipped them in the ranch, and they got aMAYzinger. :drool: i adore ketchup, and i never even touched the ketchup bottle tonight. deep-fried tots and vegan ranch is my new snack. lordy.

the bittersweet moment of the night came when we learned that they didn't have their sometimes-option of vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. i was really disappointed (because, YUM), but quite relieved (because, blimp).



  1. awesome post! i love that about going to such vegan-friendly places – i’ve sat with friends at vegan restaurants before staring at the menu for way too long, just totally overwhelmed by the amazingness of so many options.
    mmm, tater tots…

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