surprise poster

today when i got to school i found a giant rectangular "tube" (in quotes because i'm not sure something rectangular can really be a tube. what say you?) in the mailroom waiting for me. i had no idea what it was, but i guessed it was a poster. i didn't remember ordering a poster, so i was very curious about the whole thing.

i took it back to my office and got it open, and realized that it was indeed a large poster–two posters, in fact. such a mystery! when i unrolled it, strange half-memories came back to me slowly, almost like i had seen the poster in a dream or i was having deja vu. it's a very simple picture: a banana next to a seal cub. next to the banana it says, "peel," and next to the seal cub it says, "don't peel." heh.

i must have seen this somewhere and jumped on a bandwagon to order it, but i can't remember for the life of me where it was! i'm thinking it might be one of your blogs…? i have one suspect in mind but if it's not her, i'm totally clueless. i'm also intrigued about why i gave them my office address. i guess because i was planning to put it on my office door, but this poster is WAY bigger than i thought. i think i believed it was a smaller one-sheet type of deal, but this is a full-size horizontal poster. (plus a bonus to give to a friend!) crazy.

so, i guess i'm losing my mind a little bit. help a sister out?


  1. you heard about it from me! i told you to order one for your office door since they were free. i just got the 3 i ordered today too. i had been wondering about them and was contacted last week saying i was not forgotten. et voila! here they are. also bigger than i expected. now i have to find a home for them.

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