field roast, again

so tonight my husband made the field roast sausages that we first tried on saturday, again. tonight we ate them plain (i.e., non-sandwich) with some asparagus and bok choy. at the end of the meal he asked me how it was, and i said, "good!" and he said, "those things are AWESOME." and i laughed at his exuberance and said, "you like 'em?" and he cut me off, all, "YEAH." hee. i guess we're officially converts!



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm…bok choy…..
    Also, can I just vent for a moment about all this “cleanse” business that people are doing because Oprah said so? It’s basically going vegan for 21 days, plus no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, gluten, etc. Today I read a blog entry that infuriated me. The person cleansing had a sinus infection (which she attributed to the cleanse) and went to the doctor, who told her to STOP EATING THE WAY SHE’S EATING and now her solution is to switch to “ethical meat.” I’m paraphrasing and leaving out tons of detail, of course, but ETHICAL MEAT? I am constantly amazed at the way in which people try to convince themselves that the meat they eat is “happy meat.” Also what doctor tells someone not to eat a healthful diet? Rant over!

  2. try boiling them in beer with onions & gr. peppers, then grill them. keep the peppers & onions in the beer until it’s almost all gone. add some red wine vinegar & garlic. eat your sausages on a bun topped with the peppers & onions. we make tofurkey kielbasa that way. it’s really really good.

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