nablopomo dork

so i fell off this month, kind of. i have still blogged every single night before bed, but i technically missed a day because i posted way after midnight one time, and then i gave up and did it a whole bunch more times. so, again, i haven’t REALLY missed a day, but technically speaking, i did. anyscoot, i never play along with the themes that they have for nablopomo (i always think they’d be a fun idea, but i never end up doing it), and when i saw the july notice in my email i thought, “hey, maybe to get myself back on track in july i’ll try to do the theme!”

then i opened my email message and saw that the theme for july is food. ha! i wonder if i can possibly talk about food every day. HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

i’m guessing yes.


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