tease (teaser)

okay, july’s theme is food, and i’m going to try to stick on-theme for a bunch of my posts this month. so to kick it off: teese!

i bought a tube of the new mozzarella teese a couple of weeks ago, and we haven’t done anything with it yet. i’m told it’s fantastic on pizza, but i’m wondering if anyone has experience with it and has any tips or exciting insight. hee. 

for some reason my husband is… put off? intimidated? uneasy? with the fact that it’s shaped like a tube rather than a block, and he has said (albeit humorously), “i don’t know what to do with that thing!” i’ve told him, “grate it and slap it on a pizza, of course!” but i’m also wondering if anyone else has discovered hidden wonders of teese. if so, do tell! and i’ll post an update once we’ve tried it, of course. our usual standard for pizza is FYH mozz, so that’s what we’ll be comparing it to, i guess. 


  1. when we got our tube I made pizza (duh), which was good. I thought it was very similar to fyh, it just melts faster. I also used it in conjunction with cheezly for quesadillas, that was our fav.

  2. bob & jenna torres of vegan freak fame reviewed it in may. they said it was awesome. they made pizza & also a seitan & teese sandwich.
    i personally have never had the stuff but i’d make lasagna. just because it sounds really good right now but its not a very summery food. maybe you could make a fresh basil, tomato & mozzerella pasta salad. thats kinda summery.
    cant wait to hear what you think of it.

  3. My wife and I tried the mozzarella Teese in sandwiches. It was good, to be sure, but IMHO not head-and-shoulders better than Follow Your Heart. For the price and convenience, I’d stick with the FYH for sandwiches. However, Teese is supposed to be a standout with its melting ability, so maybe we didn’t give it a fair shake.
    I actually like that it came in a tube. Isn’t that Velveeta-ish? So maybe it was ironic. Random: I read there is (or was) an improv comedy troupe called National Velveeta.

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