again with the sausages

today i found myself at another cookout, and my vegetarian sister and brother-in-law brought tofurky brats along “for us.” i was quite hesitant, but i decided after my positive experience with the field roast sausages, i’d give these a shot. i shared one with my three-year-old niece (heh), and i have to say, it wasn’t bad! i haven’t ever eaten a “real” brat, so i have no idea how these compare, but honestly it wasn’t bad. i ate my little half-brat plain, but i think i would like it even better on a bun with some ketchup. who knew?! 



  1. okay, wow, now that i’ve looked it up, those were indeed what i ate (i wasn’t sure if there were different brat flavors). now i find it even more funny, because i can’t stand beer either. tofurky beer brats are magic!

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