chocolate: the breakfast of champions!

this morning we ordered out for breakfast, and placed a call to our local delicious co-op cafe. i ordered chocolate chip pancakes, and then at the last minute i decided to add a chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie (which i always feel guilty calling a smoothie, even though that’s the name… it’s really more like a malt or a shake). i was all excited about my decadent dessertfast, and then my husband went to go pick it up. when he came home, he had an extra surprise: chocolate mint chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting. because every dessertfast needs extra dessert, don’t you know. 

it was a pretty awesome meal, i have to say! 


  1. yum. i’m making basil soy ice cream tomorrow and a raw vegan cheesecake. not for breakfast though, but only because they won’t be ready in time. for breakfast i am making cinnamon donuts. so tasty!

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