two new discoveries

so far, so good with this food theme. i’ll try to keep it up, but i’ve found that now that i’m trying to stay on-theme, i always have non-food things to talk about. hee.

today i learned about two new vegan delights: first, courtesy of my friend tim, i learned that so delicious has yet another line of ice cream, this time made with coconut milk. yum! they have five flavors so far: vanilla bean, chocolate, cookie dough, coconut (probably a no-brainer), and mint chip. i’m a fan of their fruit-sweetened vanilla, so i’m looking forward to trying these new arrivals. of course, we all know that i have an ice cream problem, so it could be awhile.

the other new discovery happened when i was browsing at whole foods after stopping in for mouthwash (if anyone’s wondering, i decided to try JASON cinnamon-orange-mint, to match my new toothpaste). i wandered through the bakery area, and was delighted to see a basket of giant single-serve brownies that were marked “whole trade vegan” in huge font. i snapped one up right quick, made sure there were no nuts in it (i’m a brownie purist), and threw it in my bag. my only crabby moment was when i looked more closely in the basket and realized that the omni version of the brownies were called “whole trade decadent.” real nice false dichotomy there, whole foods. *rolls eyes*  anyhow, i came home and ate the “non-decadent” brownie and found it quite tasty. 

One comment

  1. Well, let’s be realistic here: we all know that nothing can be truly decadent without reproductive secretions in it! 😉

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