dog treats raining from the sky

tonight we took maia to her first manners class! as it turns out, there are only three doggies in the class, and i’m totally psyched about that because i feel like it means each of us will get lots of attention. yay! maia did pretty well tonight; she has some greeting-exuberance issues and she demonstrated them when she met the trainer (who, of course, had a jar of treats strapped to her hip), but overall she was really mellow and she seemed to pick up on the few things we started learning tonight.

i think she thought the whole thing was pretty goofy, actually, because she basically hung out in a room with her people, two other dogs, some more people, and ate a million treats. her class is based on positive reinforcement and clicker training, so tonight we started with the basics: connecting the clicker with a reward, learning to look when we call her name, and sitting. while sitting is a basic thing for most dogs, it’s actually pretty entertaining (and somewhat rare) for greyhounds, so that was good for a few laughs. we have some homework to do this week, so she’s sure to see a bunch more treats in her future!

please note that this post was still about food, even if it was food for doggies. 

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