really hungry today

do you ever have those days where you just want to eat, like, every hour? i have been weirdly hungry all day. i started out wrong, eating breakfast kind of late (cosmic cocos, can i get a what what?), and then i headed to the humane society armed with a pb&j, courtesy of my husband. usually i have my sandwich between shifts (after kitties and right before doggies), but i was ravenous during my kitty shift, in a way that actually made my stomach hurt, so i went and snuck my sandwich into the kitty room, and ate it in the company of one ms. pudders. heh.

by the time i got home i was hungry all over again, so i just started eating random food. a strawberry yogurt, three chocolate-mint sandwich cookies, three handfuls of tropical source semi-sweet chips, a big handful of fritos, a giant pile of water, and then another handful of chocolate chips. a very healthy snack, no?

i finally made myself knock it off and wait for a proper dinner, which is coming up soon. yay! but honestly, i need to figure out smarter ways to deal with days like this, because i always pick stupid stuff when i get hungry like that. two crackers, a cookie, a yogurt, some chocolate, maybe some kettle chips, repeat. lame.

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