the night before a trip

every time it’s the eve of some trip, i feel totally flustered, like i have 923089 things to do, but only time to do 3 of them. argh. there were umpty bazillion things i wanted to accomplish before leaving for providence, but now suddenly it’s wednesday night and i haven’t done a whole lot of them. oh well, i guess the earth won’t stop spinning on its axis or anything, but still, it’s frustrating. oh, and it took me over an hour to select four outfits that i liked well enough to pack. over an hour! and i’m still not totally happy with my choices!

then there’s the part where i haven’t actually finished writing the paper i’m going to present at this conference. heh. guess i know what i’ll be working on tomorrow!

before i go to bed, i need to finish packing as much as i can (clothes, computer… everything but toiletries, basically), eat some dinner, watch tonight’s episode of so you think you can dance, and then dwell on the 31 things i’m probably forgetting. fun!

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